Plastics Dept. / Engineering Plastics Dept.

Plastic raw materials, colorants and additives for Plastics

Food Dept.

Food Additives, Food Flavours, Seasonings, Raw Materials

Water Treatment Dept.

Chemicals for Treatments of Waste Water, Flue Gas and Process Water.

Cosmetics Dept.

Cosmetic raw materials, colorants, fragrances.   

Fragrance Dept.

Aroma Chemicals、Fragrance Compounds、Essential oils、Orange oil、D’Limonene etc.—Europe、USA、Israel、Japan、India、China etc.

Speciality Chemicals Dept.

Intermediates for the Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals, Dyestuffs, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals─China, India, Japan, Europe and USA etc.
Various Fine Chemical products with Technical grade, Pharmaceutical grade and Reagent grade.

Rubber Dept.

Silicone Rubbers, Rubber Chemicals

Resin Additives & Electronic Materials Dept.

Epoxy curing agents, Flame retardants, Materials / catalysts / additives for resin, Tapes for electronic & optical industry, Materials for flexible & rigid copper clad laminate.


Solvent Dept.

PVC Paste Resin、Plasticizers & Additives 、Electronic chemicals for Semiconductor industry、Organic Solvents、Industrial lubricant etc.

Coating Dept.

Additives for Paint, Ink

Industrial Material Dept.

(1) Label & Tape Material Dept.(2) Automobile Materials Dept. (3) Ink Jet Dept. (4) Package Materials Dept. (5) Hosehold Decoration Materials Dept. (6) Filtration Paper Dept. (7) Hygine Medical Dept. (8) Electronic Materials Dept. (9) Printing Material Dept. (10) Battery Materials Dept. (11) Mineral Dept.


 Agomet結構膠、Araldite愛牢達 2000系列、工業用接著劑


(1)   nonwoven & mesh filter for pyramid/flat tea bag
(2)   drip coffee bags for single serving “pachit”
(3)   Nonwoven for cooking ingredients 


六合腐植質(Mini-Granule)、六和神農寶(Dry Soluble 80)、
六合肥8號(Omex 28-14-14+TE)、六合肥10號(Omex 20-20-20+TE)、
六合肥12號(Omex 00-52-34+TE、六合肥33號(Omex 13-08-30+TE)、
果喜液劑(Kosi Liquid)、六和花果精(RADIFLORe MAGNUM)、

Industrial and Home care Cleaning raw materials

Nonionic Surfactants、Anionic Surfactants、Amphoteric Surfactants、Other functional additives


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